Annie's dream starts to happen...


Another link to one of my blog pages telling of Annie's events in Moscow is here..


Annie's arrival at Syracuse Airport


In a new room with a new friend, Rocky.


At the radio station... first picture with Michael, and Dianne, and at Michael's workbench

Annie saved and adopted Sadie... frozen ears and tail and could barely walk.



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Many firsts... wild animals, snowmobile, Sackets Harbor, and Lake Ontario ( to view full sized)

Of course, there was a Syracuse basketball game at the Carrier Dome!


Penny, Annie, and Becca



Spring came... and a quiet walk on the beach at Southick's

And a birthday party on May 2nd...

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Russian and American food, friends, and an ear pulling Russian birthday tradition!

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Springtime and a trip through Gettysburg, PA, Maryland, Virginia, and on to Washington, D.C.

Becca, Annie, and Michael


College ended briefly (Annie had 13 credit hours in summer courses).  Her spring semester had 19 credit hours and all A's... and the President's List.  By the end of December 2010, Annie had three President's List letters and her A.S. Diploma with a 3.94 average.

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Finally... SUMMER!!!

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Rides around Henderson in Tom's boat


A trip to Utica and a windfarm near Lowville


1,000 Islands Boat Tour


And a first trip to Canada


Annie's story continues... she is in Oswego studying at SUNY Oswego. There is no financial aid or scholarships of any sort available from them, since she started in the spring semester, so fall 2011 may mean a different college.  We are asking for help from anyone who is willing... please contact Michael at (315) 771-1024 or at

I will continue to expand on this as time permits...

Fall 2011- Annie has been accepted at Clarkson University as a business student majoring in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Spring 2012- Annie wins Clarkson's Entrepreneurship Competition.  Her idea is Feels Like Home Incorporated.  Now online at

Fall 2012- Annie starts her Senior year at Clarkson on the President's List with a 4.0 average for both semesters in her Junior year.

Spring 2013- Annie continues her success with another 4.0 average for Fall 2012 and expansion of Feels Like Home's web presence.

April/May 2013-  Annie marries her love Kenny Perry and graduates Clarkson with a 4.0 GPA. 

January 2017-  Anya and Kenny are living in Georgia, (USA) and she is helping people as the proud owner of







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