Ongoing Projects


Here are some projects we are working on or are supporting...


Counterterrorism Related...

Mr. Waseem Mahmood has worked to counter radicalization and improve understanding and relations between groups.  He started a radio station in Afghanistan to help bring information to the people after the fall of the Taliban, has worked in Africa, and Pakistan.  His work in Pakistan includes a petition against terrorism that gathered 62.8 million signatures and a video that hit #1 in all the music and video charts in Pakistan.  It is very powerful and you can watch it here.
I am in touch with Waseem on his latest project and working on strategies to improve intercultural and interfaith understanding between governments and cultures.


Support for Tibet and the Tibetan People        

Faces of Tibet , a website constructed to help the world see the Tibetan people


Art for Cause

Art for Cause is a non-profit organization serving the extreme rural areas of northern India.  Irshal Ishu and his volunteers help bring children happiness. 


Foreign and Domestic Policy

Developing a white paper and documentation to support reform on U.S. immigration and visa policy


I am a commentator on this web site:

I am also assisting friends with issues involving immigation, visas, and Homeland Security.