April 15th, 2010...  tax day

        ...and the day Tim Latham finds whether he still has a job teaching.


April 1, 2010-  Tim Latham loses his job. NOT a joke.

From his comment page...

"I truly appreciate all the comments and e-mails I have received concerning the struggle I had with my school district last year. I have tried to respond to most of them, but there are so many I know I missed most of them. It appears we won the battle, but lost the war. They have non-renewed my contract again for this year and it appears I have no way to fight it this time. They gave me perfect evaluations, I had no problems in my classes whatsoever, but the rules say they can non-renew a probationary teacher and not have to divulge a reason. 20+ years of teaching, but it is only my 2nd year in this district so I am considered "probationary" so I don't have tenure. There is way too much politics in education these days. Hopefully that line about "when one door closes, another opens" will come true...."



Initial page continued...

Do you remember a teacher who "made a difference"?  Maybe one who inspired you, or helped you enjoy learning?  I believe Tim Latham is such a teacher.  He has a problem though.  As Americans, we don't all agree on many things.  Our country has been and still is very divided.  In Tim's situation, the divide has affected his job.  Mr. Latham is on probation and the school administrators are looking for ways to avoid renewing his contract.  Much of the school's staff will not speak to him.  I mention Tim on my blog under patriotism.  Part of that section is shown below on this page.  Look at his web site and decide for yourself if he is a good teacher or not. 


I am asking everyone to write letters or emails to the school board members requesting they strongly support Mr. Tim Latham's employment at USD497.  Please add a bit about who you are.  You may be an office worker, a student, a business person, military, or civilian.  You can read a bit about each of the Lawrence Board members below if you wish.  It is said everyone has a story.  Add to YOUR story by combining it with Tim's.  Make a difference.  Please let them know we are watching and hope they support Mr. Latham's continued employment.

Emailing is okay, but a physical letter will be much better.  I have posted one of my letters below.  Let's make a difference by showing Tim our support in written actions. 

Writing the school board is MOST important, but also let's let Tim know we support him by posting comments to him at:



Thank you!



Here is a pdf of my letter to Mr. Bradford, Lawrence school board member   Click Here 

I wrote each board member a separate "snail mail" letter.  A letter to the entire Board should be sent to:



Lawrence Public School

110 McDonald Drive

Lawrence, KS 66044

Attention: Board Clerk


Lawrence, Kansas School Information:


Main School Web Site


The school's mission statement.


The Lawrence Board of Education

Scott Morgan   (President)
1618 Inverness Drive
Lawrence, KS 66047

Mark Bradford
1509 Brink Court
Lawrence, KS 66047

Bob Byers
1707 East 21st Terrace
Lawrence, KS 66046

Mary Loveland
747 N 1500 Road
Lawrence, KS 66049

Marlene Merrill
2917 Westdale Road
Lawrence, KS 66049

Rich Minder
1218 Delaware #3
Lawrence, KS 66044

Vanessa Sanburn
765 Ash Street
Lawrence, KS 66044


Matt Brungardt

Associate Principal :
Beryl New

Assistant Principals:
Jan Leonard
Mike Norris

[ List of Full staff ]


A high school teacher in Lawrence, Kansas, Tim Latham, lost his job, apparently due to his conservative and patriotic views.  He now has it back. 

a quote from Tim Latham's web site

" I love history and government, so when you step into my class be ready to 
learn!  More than you ever thought you would....and enjoy it too!  I want you 
to love your country, live the experiences of those who came before -- to 
truly love the American way of life -- not just get caught up in grades.  I 
make the class challenging and hopefully interesting.  I want your BEST - and 
don't like to settle for anything less.  I want you to develop an 
appreciation for those who came before....

I have one major goal for all my classes:

"To leave you better than I found you..."

Let's learn together with purpose and passion!

I believe that it is the right of every child to have the opportunity to 
EARN a quality education.  I define a quality education as one that contains 
the latest technology and subject information, and is taught by a qualified, 
caring, ENTHUSIASTIC teacher.  My education philosophy is centered around a 
quote by Lady Bird Johnson…. “Children are apt to live up to what you 
believe of them.”  

Education HAS to be presented with genuine enthusiasm for your 
subject.  If you show them you believe in what you are teaching, then they 
will believe it is important and essential to their future.  I have high 
expectations for all my students and push them as hard as I can to meet 
those expectations.  I believe many of the problems we have in society today 
could be solved by properly teaching American History, Government, and 
Civics in school, thus giving students a blueprint for a lawful, moral, 
prosperous society.   "   

Here is the story...  http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,528484,00.html
















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